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The foundation of any communications is the power source. Be it wind power, coal power or from the sun. That fancy HF radio you purchased is nothing more than refined sand and plastic without energy to make it work.
Sunlight Energy Systems can provide from 1 watt to kWs. We specialize in small portable emergency power systems.
Besides solar modules, inverters, charge controllers and of course batteries, we also supply numerous power supply upgrades for various ham radio transceivers and amplifiers.
Our line of Micro solar charge controllers are known for being RFI free. So, when you’re operating communications in the field on solar power, you won’t hear our controllers!
Because of the shortages of solar modules, but large and small, I do not have prices or specifications listed for any modules. Please call or email for a quote and stock availability.
Besides solar panels and balance of system components, we also sell several small charge controllers and power supply upgrades for the Drake and Heathkit collector.
Stuff we sell
We can supply most of the major products by the name brand panel manufactures. These include Shell Solar, BP solar, Sanyo, SunWize , UniSolar and many others.
We also handle many different manufactures of dc to ac inverters as well.
Product lines
Aside from the Micro M+ and Micro P charge controllers, we also have several upgrades for the popular Drake and Heathkit amateur radio collector
Ham radio stuff
We designed and sell several small charge controllers and power supply upgrades for Drake and Heathkit
Electricity at the speed of light!
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